Dental Implants

At Prairie Ridge Endodontics, we offer dental implants. It’s a surgical procedure that fuses bone to a dental prosthesis—permanent dentures, bridges, crowns or a facial prosthesis can be the anchor for implants. First, an implant fixture is put into place followed by a dental prosthetic. At Prairie Ridge Endodontics, we specialize in dental implants and promise high quality results in a pain-free environment. Our dental team is dedicated to giving our neighbors the best experience possible.


“Dentist” and “surgery” aren’t a pair of words many people get excited about. However, the experience and end results can be made much smoother with the right touch. There are many variables which can impact the success of an implant. Our team puts the comfort and health of the patient first, setting the stage for the best possible results.


What to Expect


When done well, dental implants boast success rates of up to 98 percent and prosthetics that can last up to 15 years (or more). This outcome requires careful planning and analyzing your health before the surgery. Not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. However, if your endodontist thinks implants can improve your life and health, the actual process is only five steps.


First, a “flap” is created in your gum where the implant will be placed. Patients feel no pain during the entire procedure, although they’re often “awake.” Anesthesia options and suggestions are determined on a case by case basis, and these decisions are always agreed upon with patients during the planning stage. Next, tiny holes are drilled in order to protect the bone from burning or trauma. This is followed by low speed drilling, which slowly widens the holes to the right size for the implant posts.


Finishing Touches


Implants are “screwed” into place carefully with a special tool that prevents the nearby bone from dying. The wrong tools or improper planning can cause bone death, which—among many things—can make implants impossible. Finally, tissue near the implant is “adapted” over permanent screws and the base of the implant so that it heals flawlessly. Once the tooth is ready for a crown, your general dentist can complete this final phase. Many different options for crown types are available for completing this procedure.


Any type of surgery is a big deal, and you deserve only the best specialists. Prairie Ridge Endodontics is committed to your safety and comfort. It takes the best to get the best results.